In our globally connected world, excellent English is essential for a successful career. Even in many degree programs working documents and essays are required in very good English. Also at job applications more and more emphasis is put on so-called “soft skills”. An education at a boarding school, especially abroad, promotes these skills. This is one of the reasons why more and more students go to an English or Irish boarding school. The visit of a boarding school in England or Ireland is for three groups of students of particular interest:

  • Pupils, who are very good in school, get a valuable supplementary training. These young people can be discouraged and bored when they are not being challenges. They are not tapping their full potential in the normal school. A of a boarding school in England or Ireland here creates variation. These students are challenged by the new experience and re-motivated.
  • The mass of the average student learns to have fun in learning and good performance in England or Ireland.
  • For some students, the school is a great challenge and these often do not get along with the kind of teaching. These children can be helped by a switch to England or Ireland. The biggest frustration for students are the negative experiences in the normal school life, especially repeating a year is discouraging. For example, if there a child is threatened by failing the class objective, it might be sensible, to send the child already in the current year for one to two terms to the England and Ireland. Thus, the time is used wisely, the child receives new input, and can then either repeat the year with renewed energy and very good English skills or decide to complete his/her education abroad.

Boarding schools encourage students intensively and individually. Through the continual companionship with other children of the same age of independence, assertiveness and social skills are trained under supervision.

The international mix of English and Irish boarding schools offers the possibility to win friends for life from all over the world and thus build up a network. Certainly another benefit for a future career!

There are many good reasons, to visit a boarding school in England and Ireland. However, the enormous range of very different boarding schools makes this important decision between them difficult. Only when a young person feels comfortable and his talents are promoted, he / she can also succeed and perform well.

We will help you in making the right choice particularly for your child.