Special English / Irish private schools


The English /Irish boarding schools are generally more focused on the students and a bit less on the subject matters then in Austria/Germany.

The schools in England and Ireland have consistently a positive attitude to people and have made it their task to recognize each student’s talents and abilities and to promote them. The schools are measured by student performance and focus therefore on the performance of every single student. Small classes make this possible. This motivating school climate is contagious and inspires all students.

The international mix of English and Irish schools, children get to know and understand other cultures and gain friends worldwide.

There are over 2,000 private boarding schools in England alone. Each school sets its own priorities. Some are very focused on athletic, and some place great emphazis on music or arts, others have excellent scientific institutions. The promotion of children with dyslexia has a tradition in England and Ireland. Some schools are particularly progressive in this area. In a personal interview, we recognize what your child needs.

You get this comprehensive benefits package in England and Ireland not for free. The

schools are private schools and completely self-financed through the school fees and therefore the schools require high fees. You must expect to pay € 15.000 – 30.000 per year. But this money is well invested in your children’s future. The schools are worth it.


All teachers of English /Irish schools are very dedicated and care about the progress of each individual. The director knows all his students by name and knows how they get along. If a child needs special assistance or attention, it will be given to him on time. Performance deficits are to analyzed and fixed.

The teachers are above average committed. Often they live on the campus and are always available to their students. The success of the teacher is measured by the success of their students. Own ideas of the students will be welcomed and supported by teachers.

Art and Music

Excellent department facilities enable the students to realize their own ideas to help. Thereby the children are able to develop their creativity. They learn to present their hard work.

Grounds and Equipment

English and Irish schools usually have great sports facilities. Swimming pools, climbing walls, tennis courts and many other facilities within the school grounds are common. The individual subject departments have at university level facilities and therefore offer many opportunities for the layout of the lessons. In own school libraries, students learn to generate knowledge by themselves.

English lessons

At many schools extra English lessons are offered to children from other countries. These classes take place entirely in English and are divided into different performance groups. At the end of the course, students can take external, internationally recognized tests. The foreign language classroom and everyday life is only a first hurdle. After 2-3 months English becomes natural and is fun.