Course of action of the consultation

We are always there for you. We will advise you. The focus of our consultation is your child.

We want your child to achieve the greatest success possible with a stay at boarding school.

For these objectives is a personal consultation essential.

After the initial contact is a personal consultation, which is divided as follows:

  1. Tell us your needs and goals. Please describe the educational situation of your child.
  2. We provide general information about boarding schools and the foreign education systems.
  3. It is very important to us to get to know your child, his interests and expectations in person to be able to set up a shortlist of eligible schools and to assist in the selection of subjects – the needs and the development of your child are our main focus.
  4. Subsequently, we recommend boarding that match the personality of your child and your expectations.
  5. We are happy to answer your questions.
  6. You will receive information and brochures about shortlisted schools.

Following the personal interview, we will organize for your family appointments at selected boarding schools. These appointments include a walk on campus, who is accompanied by a student of that school. You and your child can ask any questions during this tour, and thus gain a personal impression. Afterwards a personal meeting with the Head Master is taking place, whereby the details can be settle. We discuss your impressions with you and help your child and you to make the decision.

During the entire procedure, including during the boarding stay of your child, we are here as a contact for you and your child and look forward to accompany and advice you at your child’s development.

In Addition we offer the procurement of „guadians“(guestfamilies for weekends).